Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Swiss National Day!

I married into a wonderful family. My mother-in-law is Swiss. She grew up near the town of Winterthur, Switzerland.

She is the bubbliest cheerful little lady. I admire her a great deal and am grateful she let me marry her daughter Heidi. My wife Heidi then is half Swiss. Her name is a sign of her ties to her Swiss heritage. Most in her family speak both German and Swiss German.

Our two little girls then are a quarter Swiss...thus the blonde hair. Today is Swiss National Day and we celebrate it every year with a traditional Swiss dinner (Roclette)

yodeling music

eating chocolate.

And yes the chocolate really is as good as the commercial makes it out to be. Their chocolate is amazing. In fact they have entire isles in the grocery store dedicated to chocolate. A chocolate bar is consumed at almost every meal.

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  1. I just happened on this post. Had no idea you posted this. I love the anthem!!! Brings me back to Switzerland. (and now I need some chocolate)


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