Friday, August 24, 2012

I Did Hopscotch!

So Maren has returned to school. She is now in first grade and she is loving it. Here is my post first day interview with her.

She was nervous to go back to school but she is loving it now. On the first day she went to recess and was fascinated by a new game many of the girls were playing. She tried to explain it to me and after a minute or so I realized she was talking about hopscotch. She wanted her mother to make one on our sidewalk and teach her how to do it. Heidi made the design and Maren practiced. The second day of school she came home and told us that she got in line with the other "big girls and I did it!"

She was so proud of herself. We are proud too though a little surprised that we have managed to get her to the age of 6 and never introduced hopscotch to her. I am not sure if that counts as being a neglectful parent or not. Anyways, if you come by our home you will see our side walks and porch are all now covered in elaborate hopscotch designs. Even our three year has gotten into the game and is creating the most difficult ones of all.

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