Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am back! Vocal Point Rocks!

I have been traveling nearly non stop for the past several weeks. Chicago, Iowa, Boise, Seattle and Moab. When I travel I am up early and out late and I have no time to make posts to the blog. Heidi and I have been watching the Sing Off this season and we love it. The groups are awesome! Of course we especially love Vocal Point. They have done a great job every night but last night was especially good. The story behind the scenes here is the young man singing the lead part lost his father at the beginning of the competition and this song is a tribute to him. Enjoy!


  1. Speaking of Rocks...

    I understand the trips to the cities of Chicago, Boise and Seattle.. I get why a visit to the State of Iowa..

    But all there is in Moab is ROCKS...???

    Proud of you and Vocal Point!

  2. Moab was a quick two day family get away.


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