Friday, October 7, 2011

Temple Patrons Fund

President Monson re-announced the Temple Patrons Fund this last conference. As a result I have received a number of questions about the fund and how to give to it. Here is link to an article our department wrote about the fund. In short the fund was set up to assist members from economically disadvantaged areas of the world to attend the temple to receive their own ordinances.

Sao Paulo Brazil Temple (where I served my mission)
For many this fund has already been a blessing. Where years of saving might have led to an eventual visit to the temple, now we can accelerate that process and help them get to the temple sooner. So far saints in 54 different countries have benefited from the fund. Let's see if we can do more. If you would like to make a gift online here is a link to do so. You can also make a gift through the tithing slip by writing in "Temple Patrons Fund" on the "Other" line.

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