Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy Bloggers Unite Event Today

This morning here at LDS Philanthropies we are hosting a Mommy Bloggers meeting. We have been planning this for some time and I am really looking forward to it. We have Bloggers coming in from across the country. I will post again over the next few weeks with more details. The first part of the meeting will be to thank them for what they did to help the LDS Church respond to the disaster in Haiti a couple years ago. Here are the stats on what they accomplished.

The second half of the meeting we are going to be introducing them to a new campaign for single moms. Here is a flyer on that.

We have also built a couple more widgets to help them. Feel free to join in if you like.

Here is the sidebar widget: This one is meant to be placed in the left or right hand sidebar of a website. if you would like to grab it and put it on your site just click on the "share" button and you will see the option to copy the embed code.

Here is the main widget: This one is meant for placing in blog posts or sharing on Facebook. If you would like to share it on Facebook just click on the "share" button and you will see the Facebook share button.

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