Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your in Time OUT!!

If you missed last night's BYU game verses Gonzaga you missed a wonderful event. Heidi, the girls and I enjoyed the game with Heidi's parents up in Midway. As the game progressed all the adults increasingly vocalized their feelings of joy. Pretty soon Maren and Hazel were getting into it. We would scream and they would scream. We would yell "Go BYU" and they would yell "Go BYU".

At one point in the game BYU had gone a great run and Gonzaga had to call a 'time out' to regroup. As the Sports broadcaster said enthusiastically "Time-Out Gonzaga". Everyone in the room erupted in cheers. Hazel (2yrs), not wanting to be left out walked towards the very large, high def, flat screen TV and said pointing at the Gonzaga team walking to the bench, "Your in Time-Out, go to your room!"

If you missed it. Here are some highlights from the game.

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  1. oh that Hazel is so cute. She is already being mommy like. give her hugs....


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