Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lessons Learned: Running on the Beach in California

This last week I was on an assignment in California. It was brief, only a day but it was a great experience. After my appointment I went for a jog along the beach and reflected on the days activities and the lessons I had learned from a generous family.

It was a beautiful run, setting the stage for a contemplative run. I was reminded of the importance of sacrifice and frugality. Every home needs a good offense when it comes to making money but more importantly every home needs an outstanding defense. Living on less than you make leads to wealth. You can bring home a large paycheck but if you spend it all you will never have the peace of mind some experience. Peace of mind comes more easily to those who have a great defense. Their defense allows them to be charitable as well. That charity brings further peace and fulfillment.

I am grateful for my parents who taught us to save and be frugal. I doubt I will ever be financially wealthy but I am trying very hard to save and be generous (Something we all can do). As I ran past multimillion dollar homes I couldn't help wonder how many of these homes were owned by truly wealthy individuals that practice great financial defense and were now enjoying the fruits of their labors and how many were owned by those living on the very edge or even over the edge of their income. I as I ran by I hoped there were many that were truly wealthy and practicing philanthropy. In the end I will never really know.

After my legs had enough and the sun had set I returned to a quiet evening at the hotel. (Wait, it wasn't quiet at first, I watched the BYU game and loved it!!, then it was quiet.)
P.S. I miss the state I grew up in. I come out at least once, sometimes twice a year. I love the smell, the temperature and the green. Utah has some of these qualities, just not all year like California. I am jealous of all my friends who still live there. You are very lucky!

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