Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Donate to LDS relief efforts

Yesterday we spent a good portion of the day in my offices getting a donation option ready to go for those wishing to help the LDS Church and its response to the hurricane on the east coast. Here is a link to the main page. Keep checking back as we will update the page with information as we receive it from our partners at the LDS Newsroom,, and LDS Charities.

From "Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by post-tropical storm Sandy. Local Church leaders along the eastern coast of the United States have made preparations for the storm. Church representatives are in contact with the Federal Emeregency Management Agency (FEMA), The American Red Cross, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) and other relief agencies to coordinate response efforts. Forty-two LDS volunteers are supporting Red Cross shelter operations in New Jersey and neighboring areas. The Church is working closely with the Red Cross to identify additional shelter locations if needed."

You can give directly here as well.
Donate Online

As a side note my sister Halley is still stuck in her apartment in Hoboken NJ. Here is a picture out their 2nd floor apartment window. They are still without power. She powers up her phone a couple times a day to receive and send out updates. They are doing fine but hoping the water goes down soon.

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