Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Read to Your Child While Taking a Nap

So some say I am an engaged father. Others don't. I think I have come up with a wonderful method for reading to my children. Here it is in five easy to follow steps.
  • Step one....get an iPad. 
  • Step two....download a bunch of children book apps. 
  • Step three....choose the "read it to me" option on the apps. 
  • Step four....turn up the volume on the iPad. 
  • Step five...take a nap. 
Here is a photo to show you how it works "in the wild". 

This photo was actually taken by my sister one afternoon when I guess I really was reading with my girls and her little boy. Yep...I guess I crashed at some point. They don't really need me anyways. They just took over and kept going. They know how to do a ton on my iPad. 


  1. That's awesome! This is how a lot of the naps at our home go as well. I start by laying down and singing or reading until I fall asleep and then they leave and destroy the house.

  2. I blame it on low percentage of oxygen levels in the earth's atmosphere. We are doomed to nap while the little one's vibrant energy suck down what little oxygen we have left. I guess bishop, if you couple that with a job and your calling - napping is inevitable. Sleep will come upon you like a silent force with no warning. Muhahaha!

  3. Have to love technology for that...you do have a full time job and church calling so it never hurts to sneak in a nap or two:)


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