Friday, August 31, 2012

BYU Football is Back!

I just love this time of year. I didn't play football in high school but attending college created a football fan out of me. BYU had a great game last night on ESPN.

One complaint:
I was only disappointed with the commentators. Listening to them you would have thought that the game was Washington State playing some unnamed team and that Mike Leach (Washington State Head Coach) was the only coach there as well. It had to have been something like 20 to 1 ratio of the number of mentions Mike Leach received verse Bronco Mendehall...who by they way shut Mike Leach's offense down. This is only the third time in Mike Leech's career where a defense has not allowed his team to score a touchdown. Anyways...enough complaining.

We spent the evening with my in-laws after a nice hard ride from Provo to Midway. I am glad the road construction is done in the canyon. Riding my bike up those roads with the narrower construction lanes was crazy.

This morning I noticed that our offices had posted new fundraising page for BYU Athletics. Here is a link to it. There  are a couple great inspiring videos there as well. Working to help find funding for these great student athletes is a wonderful part of the work I am bless to engage in on a daily basis. Like many colleges around the country student athletes have a large load to carry in addition to financial burdens. The student athlete scholarships many of them receive make it possible for them to get a degree and compete. Most will not be professionals but their time on the field in college provide a lot of us sitting in our living rooms with some great athletic events. Lets help support some student athletes, whether at BYU or another college. They deserve the help.

Here is a nice video about the challenges student athletes overcome.

Here is Bronco talking about the important work BYU is engaged in.

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