Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Over these last few weeks I have been trying hard to get into shape. I have pulled the bike out and have been hitting the mountains around Provo. You can see my climbs in the Strava widget at the left. (Strava by the way is pretty cool and very helpful in keeping me motivated.).

I think it may be my high school and collegiate competitive cycling years that cause me to kick into a different mode when I see a rider ahead of me. I just get competitive and want to go after them. In the mountains it is a little more difficult. I have been catching and passing a number of riders over the last couple weeks. I am still however getting passed like I am standing still by a few. Just yesterday I was moving up South Fork climb in Provo Canyon passing several when two guys went by me. I tried to jump on the back wheel of the second guy but my heart rate hit the mid 190's and I had to ease off. errrrrr!!!

It is so frustrating....I want to catch these guys.

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