Thursday, March 8, 2012

Office Make-over

Last night the young women in our ward redecorated my office as part of personal progress. They did a great job! I was worried because they kept joking about the color pink. It turned out that pink did show up in the form of some little magnets for my white board. I didn't mention it in the video because I didn't notice it until I was about to leave but they put this cool coat rack thing on door. I am always draping my winter coat over a chair and now we have a place for it.


  1. how sweet. What a great group of YW

  2. Hey what about May All Your Bacon Burn?! :)
    And we're not done yet....

    1. Sorry about that. I saw that several things were written after I shut off the camera. And your not done! Wow, what else are you doing? I was hoping for a huge flat screen, maybe a nice comfy couch, and a popcorn machine, or better yet a cotton candy machine. Wouldn't that be awesome...come see the Bishop and get a bag of cotton candy?

    2. That would be awesome. I don't know what we still have left but my mom said we still have stuff to do (maybe something with more pink.) Sorry I don't think a flat screen TV is in the budget either the cotton candy machine does sound good maybe a gumball machine so you can get candy from it.

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