Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kindergarten Handwriting Class

Our kindergarten daughter recently came to me with her journal and said, "Dad do you want to see me journal?" I said, "Sure." She then handed it to me. In addition to all the great drawings each page had its own short sentence sounded out and spelled by our kindergartner.  I will number them so in the comments you can try and decipher what they are saying let me give you an example. First let me introduce you to the author. Cute huh?

Now for the example...Start by looking at the picture below which we will call "#1".

Picture #1
Now in the comments section below you write "My guess for #1 is...Dad is fun and he is helpful" that by the way is the correct translation of the above page. Sound like fun? Okay maybe this will just be fun for Grandma and Grandpa. 

 Here are the rest and yes some of them might stump you. :)







If you can't handle it and you need the translations click here


  1. Yeah! I love this stage in writing SO MUCH! My all time favorite of Catherine's was "Wasaponatim" which, when translated, means "Once upon a time." Hah.

  2. Are you teaching them Portuguese????
    If so #2 would start with Laugh. But I think #2 and #7 the same, Princess Snow White is Beautiful.
    #3 I love my camera
    #4 Mom and Dad are nice
    #5 Blessing ____ Very Cool you are
    #6 some ones name is nice and __ is cute

    1. Nice job, you got most of them right!

      I am not teaching them Portuguese. My wife is Swiss so they are learning German. They know a few Portuguese words but not much.


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