Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy Bloggers Are On a Roll!!

Well I have been totally blown away by how awesome women are. Not that I didn't know that already but man... when they decide to do something they really do it. A few days ago we helped a group of wonderful women launch a campaign to raise money for single parents to get an education and improve their earning potential. Well, In just 9 days they raised $7,576 from 71 donors. They wrote stories, embeded widgets and shared the campaign on Facebook. As a result the widgets alone have loaded over 200,000 times on computers in 158 countries.

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The load numbers are fascinating to me. In essence it is a snap shot into the kind of reach and audience these good women have. They have people around the world that love them and appreciate what they write about day in and day out. They are a source of strength to their readers. They have also self organized on Facebook, creating their own private group that is amazingly lively. They cheer each other on, give code samples to each other and just chat about each others blogs.

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The campaign is intended to run through the month of November so they are not stopping, they are pushing on and the donations are continuing to roll in. They want to see how many single moms they can help before the end of the month. Here are some of their blog posts. Read through them and I think you will see what I mean. They are impressive, unique and powerful. Hat's off to you ladies!! Let's help them out and #GiveOhGive

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