Friday, September 9, 2011

Update on Philanthropic Opportunities Around the Web

If you haven't been keeping up with the section above under the tab "Fundraisers for Others" here are the most recent entries plus the explanation why I am doing this. Several recent posts could really use some help. Happy donating!!

This morning (6/21/2011) I thought I would start a new section of my blog to encourage philanthropy. I will post here the projects I run into from friends, family, and other worthy causes. Feel free to look through each of them and by all means, pull out your wallet and do some good!

I work for the LDS Church in their philanthropic department. Though there are lots of projects in need of support that the LDS Church is sponsoring. The following are primarily other causes that I become aware of.

(P.S. Before you make any donation make sure you learn more than what I have posted below. I am just trying to inspire you to get up and get helping others.) :)

9/9/2011: Yet again my travel schedule has kept me from making any new posts. Here is another catch up session.

9/9/2011This post I found on Dan Wotherspoon's "Mormon Matters" blog. He recently hosted a podcast in which he interviewed Charley Paul, Liz Shorphshire and James Faulconer spoke about the 9/11 terrorist attacks ten years on.  Near the end of his post he invited his readers to get involved with a couple organizations the Shrophshire Music Foundation and the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy. Both organizations are promoting peace as part of their missions.

9/9/2011: I have highlighted this blogger in the past but now she is off to give of her time in Cambodia. Erin @ "Erinannie" has set her blog to auto post while she is away. The other day she posted about the project she will be working on. It is called Riverkids, an organization that works hard to prevent the sale and exploitation of children. And yes you can donate cash to them in addition to volunteering. Good luck Erin and way to be a great example of philanthropy through the giving of your time.

9/9/2011: Here is a great post from Alena @ "creatingchildhoodmemories". She and her husband wanted to teach their child more about finances. They found this cool little piggy bank that helps divide the money into categories and of course I was excited to that the piggy bank had a spot for donations! Way to go Alena, kids are inherently generous and providing a tool like this will help them to see that giving should be a part of financial planning.
9/9/2011: So the last post got me pocking around for other ideas similar and I came across the following post from Sarah Kimmel at "Organizedmom". She and her husband are also trying to teach their daughter about financial management and yes they too have a place for charity. Take a look at their system. Way to go Sarah, thanks for the good ideas.

9/9/2011: I ran across this plea for help on Candace Salima's website "Turning the Tide..." She and her family have a pretty amazing story. You will have to go to her blog to read it. Right now she has started a fundraising campaign to help her start a radio station to share her message with more people. She is using a cool little giving tool called "gofundme". If you would like to help her out head on over to her page a make a donation. Right now she has only $120 of her $6,400 goal. Let's see if we can't narrow that gap for her.

9/9/2011: This post was a difficult one to read. Maybe because it just gets me inside when I hear that a young mother has lost her husband and now she is raising a family on her own. I couldn't find the name of the blogger but her blog is called "11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven" The blogger lost her husband to suicide and knows well the pain of losing a loved one. In a recent post she talked about another mother of four recently widowed and in need of help. You can make a paypall donation directly to this family here. Thanks for the post and thank you for working so hard to help others who are in pain.

9/9/2011: Here are a few LDS Church related projects that I thought I should share as well. First there are a number of "Day of Service" service projects taking place all over the world. I found this story from a Ward up in Idaho. Our stake turned out 800 people last week and we painted several homes, clean up a number of yards, planted trees, bushes and cleared brush. Let me know if you see any other stories I would like to post them as well. Here is another project out of Africa and the LDS folks there.

The LDS Church also just recently featured the "" site again on the Church News and Events page. This is such a fun little site. If you have musical or photographic talents why not share them with the Church through this site?

Here is an update on the Church's efforts after Hurricane Irene.

Here is an article on another group of LDS folks helping those not of our faith fix up the Provo Community United Church of Christ building.

Here is an article about the USNS Comfort and the time members of the Church have been donating to help with this ships life saving mission.


  1. What an amazing work you do, Barrett. Thank you so much for finding my cause to restore America a worthy one. God bless and keep up the good work. And I think it's awesome you work for the philanthropic arm of the Church.

  2. Candace,

    No problem, and thank you for what you are doing. I hope I can send some help your way. Keep up the great work.


  3. Thank you Barett for re-blogging about my clients- the pregnant widow with the three children! I just found your comment today and I wanted to swing by and thank you. I am doing a commemorative post today on my blog for all of the people who reached out to help the family so I am going to add you to that list.

    Your PayPal link is also broken for the family. Here is a fresh link for you too:

    Hopefully anyone wanting to donate was able to find their way back to Jen's blog- 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven to her links.

    The new baby is here, and there are pictures of her and the family up on my blog today as well if you would like to "meet" her. :) Her dad was a missionary as a young man, a great one according to his wife Stephanie, and they met at BYU before he left for his mission! They were married for nearly 10 years before they were blessed with children. It is so good that they had that time, now knowing what the plan was.

    Here is Johnna Justin, named after her dad:


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