Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maren starts kindergarten

I am sitting right now at the airport but I just got a call from Heidi that all went well with the drop off of Maren at school. Today was her first day. Heidi took a video so watch for that soon on my or her blog. I guess there were no tears and she went right in and sat on the colored carpet. I really wished I could have been there.
They are calling for my flight to board. Good luck my little one, have fun today.

I was sent the following two videos from Maren's first day.

This one is Maren walking up to her school.

The second I am having trouble getting uploaded. to be continued...


  1. oh I am sorry you missed that special day. You will have to drop her off when you come back. it will all still be fun and new to her.

  2. We are very proud of Maren... We look forward to the video.

    Have a successful trip!


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