Monday, September 26, 2011

Show what General Conference Means to You

This last week the LDS Church News Room released the following invitation. It is an interesting idea, in essence they are asking members of the Church who will be watching/attending General Conference to record and then submit through their General Conference experience. Here is a short video kicking off this idea.
In addition to recording your experiences during conference there has been a growing number of people following conference and posting about it on Twitter. If you want to follow comments from members from what is being called the "Twitter Stake" look for #ldsconf. You can also chime in and join the commenting. For the last few conferences #ldsconf has trended very high on Twitter. I have had a window open on my computer and I have been fascinated to see the little nuggets folks find meaningful as they are listening to conference. Some ideas just light up twitter for several minutes.

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