Thursday, August 25, 2011

George Hincapie Takes the Second Stage

I didn't get to see the final 30 miles or so of the race yesterday. Which is too bad because it got exciting. I really like this guy Tejay Van Garderen. He attacked on the final climb. Levi Lephimer marked his attack and eventually a few more riders including George Hincapie joined him. With a few miles to go Tejay attacked again. This time the yellow jersey of Lephimer was dropped but big George Hincapie stayed with him. All that was left was a sprint to the finish and George had the legs.

It was fun to watch these two riders. George, has been riding for a long time with 16 Tour de France under his belt and Tejay is a young up and coming rider.  During the Tour de France Tejay had a great stage in which he almost won as well. He is strong and is not worried about attacking the big guys.

Oh yeah, even though Tejay didn't win the stage he is now the new overall race leader.

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