Sunday, August 28, 2011

The defense tactics of a 2 year old

Today after returning home from a long day of meetings I was told the story of our youngest and her feelings about her sister. You have probably heard your own kids say things like..."stop touching me" or "your breathing my air." Being a sibling can sometimes be a very difficult thing.

Today our two daughters were sitting with my wife in the congregation. During the sacrament prayer my wife had asked both girls to fold their arms and be reverent. Our eldest complied but our youngest looked at her mother and simple said "no". Our eldest hearing the response of our youngest looked at her as if to help my wife encourage her sister to fold her arms. Where upon our youngest looked at our eldest and said..."keep your face to yourself."

Our little two year old is such a good little girl. When she gets something in her mind there is no turning her. Heidi tried hard to conceal her laughter and related the story as soon as returned home. Growing up I wished I would have thought of such a creative thing to say to get my siblings off my back.


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