Monday, July 18, 2011

Life's Curve Balls

I wanted to write a quick post and give everyone an update on some changes in our family's circumstances over the weekend. I have already received a number of well wishes on Facebook and thought I should probably explain myself with some more detail.

On Sunday, after having served for six years as a counselor to Bishop Richard Sampson I was released and then sustained as the next Bishop of the Provo Peak 7th Ward. The call came a little while back and it was very much a surprise for Heidi and I. Our home was for sale and we had our eye on another home south of Provo in Springville. At first the call was hard for us to accept. We did really want to move to this new home we had found. However, it didn't take long for both Heidi and I to feel the confirmation of the Spirit that we were to take our home off the market and begin this new journey.

From that moment I begin feeling some of the pressure that comes with helping the members of our ward. I had several sleepless nights. Then yesterday the change took place and President Christiansen layed his hands on my head and set me apart as the Bishop. At the moment of my setting apart I had a tremendous sense of peace come over me. I had a tough time keeping my emotions in check.

Over the last six years I have worked with Bishop Sampson and Michael Kennard our first counselor. We have a great brotherhood. We have shared good and difficult times together. I am going to miss having them directly involved in the work of the Bishopric. In their place are two wonderful men. Josh Harmon was set apart as my first counselor and Keith Dyer was set apart as my second counselor. I look forward to working with these men and I have every confidence in them.

Parenthetically I should mention that when we told our two daughters that I was going to be the new Bishop they cheered and then Maren our five year old offered that she and he little two-year-old sister Hazel should be my counselors. So I plan on having at least four counselors. For the issues that involve snacks in nursery or the color of the tie I should wear I have two small yet good and faithful counselors at home.

Heidi, our girls, and I look forward to doing our best to help those in need. I will include below a number of references with more details about what it means to be a Bishop for my friends back home that know that I am a Mormon but aren't sure what this all means for me and my family.

Scriptures that outline the duties of a Bishop
The Bishop: Elder Robert D Hales
The Bishop and His Couselors: Elder Boyd K Packard.
The Welfare Responsibilities of a Bishop.
The Shepherds of Israel: President Gordon B Hinkley.
Your Friends the Bishop: Elder Henry B. Eyring.
For Children: We used this to help explain to our girls what was happening.
Bishop Help: Elder Dallin H. Oaks.


  1. congrats Barett. Good luck to you. Wish you the best.

  2. and I have every confidence in you... love, me

  3. I am sure you will take this in stride, and even manage to keep up a good cadence, maybe now with a higher wattage ...

  4. Barett congrats! Your ward is lucky to have such a good man as their bishop.

  5. Congrats! You're going to be a great bishop!! :)

  6. Congrats! I'm glad I see your Facebook posts or I would not have known. I'm sad that we will be moving soon; it sounds like a fun bishopric with Josh and Keith in there with you.

  7. That's so crazy, especially since you were planning on moving! Shawn and I knew that there would be some changes back in the old ward. We wish you the best in your new calling.

  8. Congrats. I am sure you will do fine. You where a great missionary so I am sure you will do well as a Bishop. I have been a councilor for 2 years now. One year with one Bishop and another year with our New Bishop, it is going well.

  9. Nice! You'll do a great job. It will be tiring, stressful, and you'll wish at times that you were just a counselor again but the growth that occurs for you AND your family is worth all of it.

    Heidi - if you ever need advice on coping with a bishop husband feel free to ask! :D

  10. Barrett, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I remember watching my father (who was the bishop of our ward for 7 years) while I was growing up. It was incredible for me to see how the Lord work miracles through him that were far beyond his own capacity. It was comforting to see how involved the Lord is in the details of running His church. May the Lord bless you and your family in your willingness to build up His kingdom and bless His children!

  11. Wow! Here's to another great bishop of our ward! My prayers are with you and your amazing family! Thank you for serving so marvelously!


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