Thursday, July 14, 2011

From My Wife's Blog

☀there i are

Hazel went into the dress, arms up in the air and then it went over her head.
As I pulled and tugged on the dress-up dress, it took a while to get her arms into the arm holes and her head coming out where it should. After much pulling and straightening, when we finally got things right... and her head emerged from the ruffles and layers she said...
"there i are"
Sometimes I get so busy that I feel this way,
buried in a lot of who knows what and I start to wonder where I am...
How do we seek to find ourselves? It is easy to look to everything and anything that won't give us the answer. The world is very loud and distracting, with things {as in stuff}, appointments and hobbies that may seem so necessary, but don't really have lasting value. We find ourselves only through the Savior and our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Through prayer and searching the scriptures and as we serve and love others. Rather than being critical of others we should look to ourselves and ask how can I be better. There is a delicate balance of putting the Lord first, filling my needs and serving others. I don't have all the answers, but I do know that it starts with putting the Lord first.
So if you feel lost and are questioning, look to the Lord, if you feel abandoned and alone, look to the Lord, if you feel stuck and frustrated, look to the Lord. I know that through prayer and simply asking our Heavenly Father, we can feel a constant comfort and we can feel of His love for us.

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