Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sick and Lazy or Lucky Guy?

Yesterday afternoon I started coughing and it progressed through the night. This morning I woke up not feeling well at all. So...I stayed home from work. I really don't like being sick but today might have been different. This morning I tuned into stage 11 of the Giro d' Italia. I watched that for a couple hours. It was a mountain stage (rolling hills mostly). Several breaks and then a surprise break at the very end and John Gadret from France takes the win. Here are the highlights:

That wasn't all. The Tour of California is underway as well. So after taking a little nap I tuned in to watch the 4th stage. It too was a mountain stage and it was exciting. Those guys were moving and they blew apart the peleton on the first climb. Again on the second climb things fell apart. That repeated its self until the final climb when the second oldest rider in the field, Chris Horner ran away from everyone. It was awesome. I only wish I could ride half the speed these guys do up these mountains. It was good to see my old home state.

It is going to be very hard for anyone to make up the 1:15 Chris put on Andy Shleck and the rest of the field. He is a solid time trialer (tomorrow in Slovang). He was amazing in last years stage in Simi Valley, so that only leaves Mount Baldy. If he can keep everyone in his sites he may have just won the Tour of California with today's performance. Way to go old man! (39 years old)

As of this post (5pm) I could only find the climb up Mount Hamilton to show you. When I find the final climb I will post it.

So what do you think sick and lazy or lucky guy? Maybe I should add a third option, "I don't really care about guys wearing tights even though I looked at your post."

Here are the highlights from the Tour of California

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