Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning

I missed my post yesterday but I can't miss today. The events that we celebrate today are wonderful indeed. I think I will share with you a number items for this post. First, I want to express my gratitude. Second, I want to share this months message about Easter from President Monson. Finally, I want to embed several testimonies of living apostles about the Savior Jesus Christ.

Personally I enjoy Easter morning. In my childhood it was a great time. I remember the Easter egg hunts and the time with all the family together at Grandma's house. Not only was it a fun holiday but it was also a very uplifting one. I remember Sunday meetings and family time also being centered on the Savior.

Today my wife and I celebrate in much the same way. We will be in Church this morning, and then a grand Easter egg hunt in the afternoon. I am grateful for the Savior and the way that he has made available to each of us. I am happy to be raising my family with these traditions. It is a peaceful way to live. (I am also looking forward to hiding some eggs).

Here is President Monson's Easter message.

Here are the testimonies from several apostles:

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