Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Cups of Tea, A horse, A Smelly Cast and Picasso

Recently there has been a controversy about the charitable work performed by Greg Mortenson and as recorded in his highly acclaimed book Three Cups of Tea. Here is a quick clip. (14 minutes);mostpopvideo

In the firestorm that has followed several have used this story as a reason to question charity and charitable intentions. It appears that Mortenson is not as charitable as it appears. It appears he made things up to raise more money. It appears some of that money was not used for charitable purposes as well.

I am glad that things like this come to light. At the same time I worry about the cynicism this creates. I worry that honest, heart felt philanthropy may been damaged as well. With that in mind let me share a number of stories from across the web today about how charity is still alive and well. Some of these stories are about individuals being charitable some are about the organizations that are benefiting but all give me hope that in spite of what appears to be one highly publicized bad apple there is still a lot of good and generous people in the world.

Donation lets others enjoy a horseback ride
This is a fun story about a young lady who donates her horse to help those with disabilities. Are we will to give away something we love?

Anonymous Picasso donation an $18 million windfall for Sydney University
This one is about a University that received an anonymous gift in the form of a painting. How many of us require recognition when we give? What would an anonymous gift feel like? Have you ever given anonymously?

Man running across U.S. to bring attention to kids' charity Six pairs of running shoes, four months, and 50 pounds lighter, this guy is about to complete a run across America in an effort to draw attention to a charity that he cares about.

Pushups raise funds for charity This one is kind of fun. Can you do 129 pushups in 90 seconds? Well a group of fireman got together to raise money for Vets with a pushup competition.