Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visualizing My Connections on Facebook and LinkedIn

The other day I ran into a couple fun little tools that help you to visualize your connections on social networks. It is amazing the kind of data that these networks have and can aggregate. I just hope they are responsible and use it wisely. Below is my networks. Here is my Facebook network without comments

Now here is that same data with some circle overlays labeling the clusters in my network.
Now here is the data I was able to grab from my LinkedIn connections. The already had a handy little key. I just had to add the labels.

These graphs begin to give you an idea of where I have clusters of friends. My work, My school, My teenage years, my family, my community, my faith and my professional contacts. I can only image the kind of graphs and cluster clouds Facebook and LinkedIn can make with all the data they have.


  1. Hey Barett, I'd like to know exactly which visualization tools you used to generate these graphs.

  2. I used the Facebook App "SocialGraph" and I used the LinkedIn App "InMaps"


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