Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Movie About Joseph Smith

This last week the LDS Church released a full length (1hr) movie about Joseph Smith. While serving as a missionary a decade ago Joseph Smith seemed to be a well known name among those not of the LDS faith. I was always interested in the different perceptions of this first prophet since New Testament times. Most people had an opinion. Some were convinced that he was an evil man leading a large chunk of people astray. Still others were curious about the idea that God still speaks to people in this day and age. And still others were ambivalent yet had heard about him.

At times I was accused of "worshiping" Joseph Smith. I always thought that was kind of funny. I am not sure what worshiping means in the minds of some but it mine it conjures up images of burning incense and bowing repeatedly to a statue or something. I can say I have never felt to do such a thing when I think of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have however felt a great respect and reverence for the sacrifices he and his family made.

Think about it. A 14 year old boy is visited from God the Father and Jesus Christ and told that he will be a prophet and help restore the Savior's Church on earth. Sounds crazy huh? Well there are either a ton (14 million) very smart people who have been fooled or there may be something to the story. In fact, as Mormons we are all asked to find out for our selves, to go to the source of knowledge, God, and through pray ask him if the story is true. Through the feelings that come as a result of these prayers millions have joined the LDS Church. I have no problem trusting God that the doctrines, teachings and yes what appears to some to be crazy stories are indeed true.

Hope you enjoy this film.

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