Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missing Brazil

So last night I was having trouble sleeping. It has been a good 12-13 years since I was last in Brazil but that is all I could think about last night. I grabbed my phone and tuned in a Brazilian Radio station. I think I listened for a good hour before finally falling asleep.

Before you read the rest. Take a listen to some of the most beautiful music, people, and landscapes in the world. For those that understand Portuguese you will understand that the singer is stating an obvious fact, that Brazil is the Lord's. Who else could create such a wonderful place. Granted, Brazil has it's problems but there is no escaping oh wonderful of place it is. You could never meet a nicer people. They are generous and kind. Enjoy!

I lived in Brazil from 1997-1999. The first town I lived in was right on the coast. My assigned area included the town of Iguape and a small island called Isle Comprida. Here is a map of the area.

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Iguape is primarily a fishing village. Here is a short video produced by their tourism industry

Here is another video. You have to ignore the music sung in English. The pictures are great but it just doesn't feel right in English.

This is the town of Iguape looking down from the jungle above.

This is a view looking back at Iguape on the ferry to the island.

Here is the island that I would go out to everyday on a little ferry. All the roads were sand and we got around on bikes.

After living in Iguape for several months I moved further into the country to the little banana town of Miracatu

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This was a great place to live as well. I have found a YouTube video of a group of cyclists riding all around the Miracatu area. In my white shirt and tie I used to race some of the locals on my bike. It was great and the folks in the town always thought it was funny to see this white guy all dressed up tearing down the road on bike next to a group of Brazilian teens.

The other great thing about cycling in Brazil is there is always food. Banana trees, guava trees, mango's, and much more, usually growing right out into the roads.

Above is a cobblestone road in Miracatu. There are a ton of these in Brazil. I miss walking and riding on these little guys. The best part is how you pronounce 'cobblestone', here it is. "paralelepípedos" You pronounce every vowel and emphasis that "i" like an "e". Try saying that five times fast.

I probably should stop for now. I will post more later. Maybe even a story  or two. I have a feeling I will need multiple posts to give you an idea of what Brazil is like. 

To my Brazilian Friends (Aos meus amigos brasileiros) Eu sinto falta de tanta Brasil. Eu quero muito voltar para a terra e as pessoas que eu amo. Para todos os meus amigos brasileiros um grande abraço. Preciso de scanner em todas as minhas fotos da missão para que eu possa publicá-las aqui. 


  1. Nice work Barett, thanks for sharing some of your memories...

  2. it seems like my mission happened a lifetime ago. I think back now and wish i could do it again, with all the knowledge and life experiences I have now.

  3. Yeah, mine feels like a dream. I wish i could also go back. I am going to start saving my $ to return sometime in the next few years.

  4. So when are we going on a family trip down there? We need a tour guide. :-)

  5. Yeah! lets do it. You are going to have to save your pennies though. Flights are about $600. Hotels are around $100 a night. And the tour guide is about $50K a day.


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