Monday, December 10, 2012

Popcorn Popping at the Creamery

Our three year old Hazel was walking with the rest of her family out of the Creamery on Ninth the other night after a great burger dinner. While walking we all heard a little noise. The kind of noise that all of us make but is especially cute when it comes from a child. As we heard this noise Hazel looked up at Heidi and I, trying to hide that she was a little embarrassed and said "That was popcorn. They are popping popcorn at the Creamery." We could not help but start laughing though we had to stop quickly because she was taking offense.

From that night on every time she lets out a little toot she will quickly say that it was "popcorn popping at the Creamery". She gets upset if you show any expression that it was not indeed popcorn popping at the Creamery, no matter the distance we are from the Creamery. She also doesn't like it when another member of the family clearly toot's in her presence and claims that it is popcorn popping at the Creamery. Apparently only she is allowed to determine when the Creamery is popping popcorn.

The funniest thing is the Creamery doesn't pop popcorn. We don't have the heart to tell her that though. I love my little girl.

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