Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to Give?

This is the time of year that many charitable activities really begin to ramp up. I have a number of friends recently ask from me to share what they are doing. I have done so in different ways but I thought I should also give an update to charitable posts that I used be very regular about writing. Here are some samples from around the LDS community.

I hope one or two of these opportunities sound interesting to you and you might consider jumping in and helping out.

Here is the first opportunity. I saw on Living the Scream by Carly that she recently ran across a charity called The Global Soap Project. The idea with the charity is to get surplus and used soap from US hotels and donate it to folks in Africa. Carly is asking for her readers to get involved and ask hotels that they stay at to donate their used soap. Sounds like a pretty easy ask for a good cause. Thanks for the idea Carly. Here is a short video from the charity.

The second opportunity that I ran across actually comes from my work. I thought this article about finances in the LDS Church and charity fascinating. Then again I am biased. You can also get involved and make a donation to the cause as well through the article.

The third story I found interesting was what Geoff over at The Millennial Star found in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Apparently the town I currently live in is pretty generous. Take a look at the following chart which shows a ranking of most generous citizens by city. Way to go Provo!

The next opportunity comes from a neighbor of mine John Worthington he is participating in an upcoming MS walk. I made a post for him. If you want to jump in and help him out he is very close to his fundraising goal.
Walk to Create a World Free of MS

Another friend of mine Cory Huff recently gave his anniversary and birthday to CharityWater. In other words he is asking friends and family to make a donation instead of giving them presents. Way to go Cory! I am also impressed with what this nonprofit is doing. I really like the way they go about accomplishing their work and the way they treat donors. They empower them to go out and raise money and they provide lots of feedback on how donations are being spent. If you want to jump in and help them out you can do so here.

The next story I found well written was Deila Taylor's @ Eve Out of The Garden response to the Rock Center video on the LDS Bishop's Storehouse. Working for the Church I have toured several of the facilities of the Church and they really are impressive. One of the most impressive is the massive cattle ranch in Florida I had a chance to tour a couple years back.

Here is a fun one I learned about on "Formerly Phread". I guess the United Nations Foundation has been doing a month long campaign called Shot@Life Campaign. If you make a comment on the posts of this group of bloggers $20 is donated to the foundation for life saving vaccines. Their goal is to raise $200K to reach 10K children. They reached their goal today 8/30/2012. Way to go!

I found this great story of fundraising success at From Silence to Song. Aimee did a fundraiser to help a little girl get hearing implants. She is still looking for funds but has already done a great job. Here is a picture of the little girl they are trying to help. I hope it is okay I re-posted it here. Follow the link and make a donation if you can. Way to go Aimee!

Another success story comes from a blog with title after my own heart, "Pedaling Fast & trying to Keep Up".  This good lady has been helping her daughter raise money to be able to travel to Quito, Ecuador to serve with the Orphanage Support Services Organization. What a great opportunity for a young lady to have. I know my experience working with some of the poor in parts of Brazil was life changing. If you want to get involved and help this charity out you can give here.

Well that will do it for now. Happy giving!


  1. What a great round-up.
    Sometimes giving more seems so tiresome, but then I cut out ice cream for a week and it's less of an issue. ;)
    Happy Labor Day weekend!

    1. Agreed giving is tiresome but the rewards are great. Thanks for the comment.


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