Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Wife Has a Great Blog

My wife really does such a great job recording the happenings of our family on her blog. Here are some of her most recent posts.

Something to live by
Spring Time
Color Festival

Full version of Disney posts:

☀Dear Disneyland...

Dear Disneyland,
We had such a fun time riding the Mark Twain River Boat, visiting and Canoeing around Tom Sawyer's Island, King Arthur's Carrousel was a big hit and so was the Princess Fantasy Faire. Although the favorite rides were Thunder Mountain {we rode that one at least 4 times} and Space Mountain. {both fast and furious} Two other favorites were the Go Go Coaster and Splash Mountain. Thank you for satisfying our need for speed! We are not sure when we will visit you again, however we are grateful for so many wonderful memories and we'll have those forever!

{here we were having churros for dinner,
the girls were excited as you might expect}
'till next time...

☀more Disney fun

Three faves - Thunder Mountain, Astro Blasters and Splash Mountain
{can you guess who got the most wet?}

☀Mickey, Tinker Bell & Snow White

So these are the Disney celebrities that we met. 
All three of us girls were hanging over Snow White's wishing well {literally with our heads in the well} singing into it and up she walks. 
She grabbed Maren's hand and talked to the girls a bit. 
She seemed to appear out of no where and asked us what we were wishing for. 
It was a magical moment. 
Tinker Bell was so fun. 
Hazel got excited about her favorite ride and started jumping up and down and Tinker Bell in true character was jumping and excited right along with her, while Maren watched in awe. 
Mickey Mouse didn't say anything, but the girls showed him their bracelets {with Mickey on them} and thoroughly enjoyed walking through Mickey's House and driving his car.

{I tell you, dreams were coming true all over the place.}

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