Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rex Lee Run--We Won! (Well Almost)

This morning the girls and I got up early and headed over to the BYU track for the start of the Rex E Lee Run.

History of the Race: 
This race was begun to honor the memory of a great man and former president of BYU who passed away of cancer. We decided to honor my older sister Jade who has been battling cancer all her life. Here is the little card we had with us.
We love you Jade!

The Race:
We started at the very back because we were running with a double stroller. But that was no matter because we really were moving. We climbed the first hill passing people as we went. Went went down 900 East pretty fast on account of the stroller pulling me. Then we came to the flats again on 800 North. Heidi looked like a gazelle as she continued to pass people. We rounded the corner near the Brick Oven and we were still passing people. Eventually we made it back to the track for one final lap. As we came to the final 100 meters we heard the announcer say "and here comes our first place double stroller!"

That is right, I got my mojo back. I haven't won a running race in years but now I have found a class I can compete in...the middle-aged dad double stroller group. (MADDS)

I was smoken! (We will just pretended that there wasn't a ton of people who had already finished well ahead of us.) Actually Heidi was really moving, she finished several meters ahead. At the Brick Oven she said, "come on lets go now".  My heart was pounding at this point and I had trouble keeping up with her.

Race Videos:

 After Race Kids Race Videos:

A Few Photos:


  1. Good job team...

    You have demonstrated some Madd-skills!

  2. thank you for the dedication. I am glad Im not dead. But thank you for thinking of me. and I am glad you won. heeehee

    1. Yes, when I registered it asked if I had anyone in my family who had battled cancer and that I wanted to run in their behalf. So...naturally I thought of you. When we got to the race though it appeared most everyone else who had names were running on behalf of those who has passed away. then I got to thinking...I wonder if "in memory of" meant the person should be dead. Sorry about that.:) I am pretty sure you are still alive but what the heck...didn't it put a smile on your face that your little brother ran in your memory? I mean at least this way you can enjoy it too. Okay... I will stop trying to explain myself now, I think the hole is getting deeper.

  3. I was just giving you a hard time. I thought it was really really sweet that you guys thought of me. Really. I am not offended. Quite flattered actually.


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