Thursday, March 1, 2012

Night Skiing

Yesterday afternoon as the storm was about to role in 14 of us jumped in a few cars and headed up to the slopes for some skiing. It was a blast. I can tell I am getting older. I became the designated camera man after attempting to keep up with these young guys. Here are some of the clips from last nights adventure.

By the way. Brig had the best jump of the night but I didn't get my camera on in time. For those that weren't there he flew the furthest had an awesome flip and then landed it. I think he was the only one to stick the landing clean. Oh, he is 12.

These are all quick clips. First up Kade!

Next up Konnor with his BIG air!!

Next up was Gib and he awesome hunter orange coat!

Next is Nick and yes he has a broken collarbone but he was still skiing with us. No poles!!

Here was Bryton's run at it. A little mix up on the run in but still managed to pull off a trick. :)

Jeff another old guy like me but he was able to keep up. Nice work Jeff.

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