Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kids Say Funny Things!

Story Number One:
Me: who wants to say the prayer tonight?
Maren(5): how about I help Hazel say the prayer.
Me: okay
Maren begins whispering in her sisters ear. Hazel repeats what she is hearing. About 30 seconds in...
Maren:we are grateful for our bodies.
Hazel(3): we are grateful for potties..
All erupt in laughter...that is except for hazel who wonders why we are all laughing.

Story Number Two:

Last night we took a little drive. While driving our 5 year old began counting.
Maren: one, two, three......(and so on)
Several minutes later and many numbers counted
Maren: ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine....(silence)
Maren: Dad what comes after ninety nine?
Me: One hundred.
Maren: (very excited) Oh!! Yes!! I was hoping to get to one hundred!

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