Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poor BYU--Way to Go BYU

Story #1--POOR BYU!
This last weekend like many Cougar fans I stopped watching BYU self destruct after the third quarter. What a terrible game. Today I had several people send me this little story. Pretty funny considering what happened. This is the Arby's right next to BYU.
 Poor BYU, but hey this promo is great.

Story #2-- WAY TO GO BYU!
If you haven't seen BYU's Vocal Point performance you have to watch it. They did a great job on the Sing-Off.


  1. My favorite part of the Vocal Point performance had to be "Papa's in the ice box lookin' for a ginger ale." I'm kind of surprised the judges didn't comment on that. :)

  2. yeah, wasn't that great. I also liked the "our goal is to dominate the world with happiness" I hope they make it a few more rounds.


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