Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting in Trouble and Making a Friend

Maren has been in school now for a couple weeks and she is loving it. She has already had a couple experiences that have made me smile.

The first happened sometime last week. I was on my way home and Heidi called to inform me that Maren had gotten in trouble that day in school. I was a little shocked. I guess I hadn't prepared myself mentally that was inevitable. Everyone gets in trouble at some point in school. Some of us more often than others. :)

Anyways, Heidi said she is really sad about it and is sitting in her room waiting to talk to you. Again, I thought "this is interesting" what am I supposed to say. So, I arrived at the house and went right on into her little room. There she was sitting cross legged on her bed, her head slightly down and a look of dejection on her face. I sat down next to her and asked if she wanted to talk. She responded that she did and she launched into her story.

  • Maren: "Dad, I got in trouble today". (little tears beginning to form, and a shaking lip.). 
  • Me: "What happened?" (trying my best to look fulling engaged.)
  • Maren: "I was on the playground playing and I didn't hear the teacher blow the whistle. So, then when we (a couple other girls were with her.) saw we were late and ran inside. When we got it my teacher said we were all in trouble for coming in late. (now the tears are starting to run down her face.)
  • Me: "Oh..."
  • Maren: "Then we had to sit in the classroom for the next recess and it was really hard. It was so boring and we couldn't talk to each other."
  • Me: "Well, did you learn a lesson?"
  • Maren: "Yeah, and I have a plan!"
  • Me: "Oh really, what is your plan?"
  • Maren: "Even if I don't hear a whistle I am going to watch the other kids and if I see any of them run inside I am going to go in too."
  • Me: "That sounds like a good plan." 

I then gave her a hug and a kiss and told her that I was glad she had to learn such a hard lesson. She agreed that she learned but she wished it hadn't been so hard.

Story #2:
Last night at the dinner table I asked Maren how school went and she responded that it went well. She then looked at me over her plate of spaghetti and said. "Dad, I made a new friend today!"

  • Me: "Oh really, what was her name?" 
  • Maren: "Daaad...I don't remember her name."
  • Me: "Oh..."
  • Maren "I was on the slide and I saw this girl sitting by her self and she had a sad face so I walked over to her and said 'You look sad, do you need a friend?'"
  • Me. "Well that was very nice of you."
  • Maren. "Yeah."

Needless to say I was happy with this story though we may need to work on her bluntness. I am not sure this approach will work as she gets older.

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