Thursday, September 15, 2011

AT&T Authorized Repair Review

So today I dropped my cell phone. I was updating it and needed to Take the battery out. I had to remove the protective bumper and wouldn't you know I dropped the darn thing. I had two options I could replace the phone which was very expensive or I could have the screen replaced for much less.
I went for the cheeper option and headed over to the AT&T Authorized store in north Orem. When I got there they said it would take a few hours to complete the job. I had a meeting I needed to get to and the time frame they gave me was not good for me to make it to the meeting on time. So...I did something. I offered to write a positive blog post about them if they could get it done sooner.
Well they took up the challenge. I returned a full hour before they said it would be ready and the sales lady was standing with the door open and a smile. Yep, they did it and they did it much earlier than they originally said. Way to go AT&T and the great tech in Orem who got a job done well and in good time.

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  1. Of course, if you had an iPhone, you wouldn't have been trying to take the battery out. Just sayin'. :)


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