Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Wife's Post about the Tour of Utah

Here is my wife's post from her blog on our vacation up at Pine-view reservoir. 

☀tour of utah

While we were vacationing the Tour of Utah just happened to be riding by,
right next to our campground, coincidence, I think not.
We had a fun time watching the riders as they passed by 3 times during their
ride for the day. Barett had to go for his own ride the next morning and came back with
tons of discarded water bottles (I'm sure he'll put a picture up soon.) He was trying to get a bottle from each of his favorite teams. The best part of it was Hazel's response after seeing him ride up with the bottles sticking out his back pockets in his shirt, his hands full and a grocery bag full of bottles hanging off his handle bars.

Hazel's response after she saw him... "I have a crazy dad."

Thanks Heidi for the great Post. I thought I would add the pic we took of my water bottle haul from the race. Thanks to my two models for joining me in the photo.
 Yes. That is a lot of water bottles. Several of the international pro teams bottles are now sitting on my desk at work.

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