Monday, August 22, 2011

Do Pollys Have Power?

As an LDS Bishop I have been getting asked a lot of advice but I don't think I have heard any more important then the discussion I overheard this morning while getting ready for work.

So, the real question is this...Do Pollys have power and probably more importantly and definitively related, can they fly? Our five year old believes and stated that indeed Polly's do have power and they could fly. However, our two year old fervently denies these claims. So vehement was the disagreement that I had to intervene (mid-shaving). In addition their mother who was exercising downstairs emerged to offer her view of the question.

Our eldest was in tears firm in her belief and our youngest stood at a distance brow furrowed looking on. I was really in a no win situtation. If I said that Polly's could fly and they did have powers my two year old would have been disapointed. If I said that Pollys could not fly and did not have powers my five year old would have cried all the harder. So, I took the safe route and told them to stop crying and say sorry to each other.
Above is an image of a Polly, I have to say that  it is hard to tell if she does have powers and can fly. Those stars shooting around may be emanating from her, suggesting power, but then again she may have nothing to do with the stars. Also, the yellow thing... is that solid enough for her to stand on or is she actually flying? Tough questions. 

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