Friday, July 1, 2011

Week of Freedom: Friday

For this post I thought I would write about the office of the President and then share two presidents views on patriotism. With a presidential election season fast approaching I have watched as men and women via for that office. Sometimes I wonder why they would want the job with all the criticism and scrutiny.

The USA made a choice to leave a King to create a government with three distinct branches. One of which is the executive branch. This branch grants authority to one man, the President to make many weighty decisions. He along with the judicial and legislative branches of government hold each other responsible for the decisions that impact our nation. It is by no means a perfect system, but it sure is a good one. Autocrats have a difficult time obtaining and retaining power in such a system. No one man can do to much damage before the American people through him out on his ear.

The Presidential Flag

At the same time, the president is given more authority than any other man in the country. Most of these men that have held this office I believe were good and competent men. Some had their struggles but most were not autocrats and they have looked out for the welfare of this nation. If they pushed to hard in a certain direction left or right and contrary to the will of the people they are removed from office.

I think that is one of the beauties of the system we enjoy. Extremes are tempered and the ship moves ahead without dramatic swings in either direction. For all our hand-wringing about politics and the current state of affairs, it really is a difficult thing to make dramatic changes in this country. Time and reason together seem to win the day. While one party is in power today another rises tomorrow to compensate for any excesses of the first. And so the pattern continues.

Today I honor our presidents for their courage to stand for something and their willingness to take the heat of American's criticisms. Below are a couple videos from two presidents. They are speeches about patriotism.

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