Friday, July 29, 2011

Maren's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated our eldest daughters birthday. I had worked over the weekend so I took yesterday off to make up the time and to be able to celebrate all day long. We started the celebration by having breakfast together as a family. Then Maren opened her one present from us, a brand new princess bicycle. Costco had this crazy clearance a few months back and Heidi got this bike for just over $30. Way to go Heid's!

She was very excited and I spent another hour or so putting it together. We then all got changed into our bathing suits and went to Seven Peaks Water Park. We got there early and stayed until a little after noon. Maren loves Seven Peaks. Her favorite is the lazy river. We purchased season passes so we have been a number of times already this summer. Each time on the way out you have to pass the Snowie Shack and Maren always asks if she can have one. We always say no not this time. Well, yesterday while floating down the lazy river I asked if she wanted to have a snow cone for her birthday. She got excited and so did her sister.

We walked up to the shack and they each choose their own flavors. Maren got Lime and Strawberry and Hazel got Rasberry and Godzilla. They both made their own orders verbally to the snow cone girl. I wish I  recorded our two year saying "Godzilla" it was pretty funny. After snow cones we did some more slides and swiming and then went to the Creamery on 9th for burgers and corn dogs. Then it was back to the house for naps. (not the highlight of the girls day)

When everyone woke up Heidi went to get pizza and I watched Maren ride her new bike up and down the sidewalk. Grammy and Grandpa came over and we had a little pizza, cake and few presents. It was a great day.

Maren is a good little girl. I am glad she is part of our family. She is so very kind and I have to be very careful how I talk with her. Even the slightest look of disapproval has a big impact on her. She shares very well and often picks up on the needs of others. She comes up with cute little ideas to help and it makes me proud.

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