Monday, June 27, 2011

Week of Freedom

Last night I attended the Freedom Festival Patriotic Service. I really love living in Provo. We always seem to have a great 4th of July week. This Patriotic Service is one of many activities throughout the week.

Last night the service was especially inspiring. I have never served my county formally in helping defend freedom but it is services like yesterdays that make me so grateful for those that do. I have family and friends who have or are currently serving. They have made tremendous sacrifices for which I am very grateful. I thought that this week I would make a post everyday about this wonderful country and the service men and women who protect it.

Last night the story was told of the Sullivan brothers. After the booming of Pearl Harbor all five brothers in the Sullivan family from Iowa signed up in the Navy.

Sometime after their service began the local Iowa newspaper ran a story that the ship the boys had been on was attacked and sunk. It was also stated the the five boys had dead. Their mother Alleta Sullivan had not heard anything from the Navy and she didn't want to believe the news article. She wrote the following letter to the Navy Department.

She then waited for a response. Here is a copy of the letter this dear woman received.
I am grateful for men like the Sullivans. I am grateful for mothers like Alleta. Thank you to all those who serve and who have served.

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