Friday, June 17, 2011

From Another Blog: Tech 4 Daddies Day!


Still searching for the perfect get for the Tech Daddy in your life? Here are a few things to maybe kick start your thought process!

New Phone – A brand new smartphone like the Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7 (like the one I’m giving away!) Would be a great way for Dad to kick off the summer. There are several apps that can keep him up to date and help organize all of his “honey-do” projects. There is even a Home Depot app! On second thought, maybe that isn’t so much of a good idea… (off to adjust the house projects budget).

XO Skins - If your budget doesn’t quite have room for an entire cell phone, why not help him protect his current cell phone?  XO Skins has a great formula where the actual protector is extremely smooth, and not bumpy like some of those other guys.  It’s also super tough, so Dad can stick his phone in his pocket with the car keys and not have to worry about scratches on the phone.

Harmony Remote – I’ve said it before, that the Harmony Remote is the best universal remote.  If the Dad in your life likes to flip those channels or enjoys his home theater toys, a good universal remote is the key!

New Gaming Console or Accessories – Unless you have all three consoles (Wii, Xbox & PS3) then there is always room for an extra!  Each console really does have it’s own strengths.  Xbox has Kinect, which I have been meaning to do a whole series on (maybe next week), the Wii is fun for the whole family, and has a ton of great games for kids, and the PS3 can double as a Blu-Ray player!  Gaming as a family can be a lot of fun.  My 5 year old knows how to use each of our consoles, and loves them all!  If you already have an xbox, you can buy just the Kinect, or maybe an extra controller so he can invite some of his friends over for a game night!

Basically anything at Best Buy!  So yes, we are slightly biased, but my husband always laughs when someone comes into Best Buy asking for the “electronics department”.  He’s like “ummmm… you’re looking at it??”  Really though, there is always something at Best Buy to get for Dad.  Go big like a new TV or laptop, or go small like a new CD or Blu-Ray disc.  Whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to not be getting a tie.  :)

And Happy Father’s Day to the Daddy readers in my audience.  I appreciate you guys!

Tech 4 Daddies Day!
Sarah Kimmel
Fri, 17 Jun 2011 13:25:06 GMT

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