Thursday, May 5, 2011

Updated Humanitarian Widgets

So, I have been working on some updates to the Latter-day Saint Charities Humanitarian Widgets. (This is one of the things I do at my job) What do you think? We are going to update the content on them every few weeks for the next year. Right now we have about 5K people a day who are looking at the older version. We have had several hundred thousand dollars donated through them. More impressively, we have had 1.8 million people see them from 205 countries.

I have been amazed to see these little guys, posted on blogs around the world driving traffic and gifts to help in the humanitarian work of the LDS Church. Truly by small and simple things are great things brought to past.

You may also be interested to know that several bloggers have had the widgets up long enough and their sites are popular enough that they at times have been driving more traffic to respond then our own Church owned internet properties.

Below is the first widget. It is the old widget in terms of its URL, it just had a facelift. All the existing widgets have been updated to look like this. It is larger and is designed for Facebook and as a post on a blog.

If you hit the share button on the widget you will see that there are three options for sharing. One is for Facebook. If you click the Facebook share button it will allow the widget to be shared on your wall much like sharing a website. The neat thing is it creates a little thumbnail image of the widget with a play button on it. If you click the play button the widget opens up right on your wall and comes to life. You can watch the video and interact with the widget and never leave Facebook. That is until you want to make a gift. Then we jump you to the Church's secure site. After making this post on my own blog I will post the widget to Facebook using the above method to show you what I mean. You will have to go to my wall to see it.

The second share option is for Twitter. It just creates a link. The final option is to grab the embed code and place the widget into your blog or website.

The second version of the above widget is designed to be embedded in the sidebar of a website/blog. It is not in this post but if you look on the left hand side of my blog and down near the bottom you will see that it is embedded there. It too can be used as a post on Facebook or on a blog. The video starts on mute but can be un-muted. If you would like it, click on the share button on the sidebar widget, then click on the copy to clip board button and you will have the code you need to put it on the sidebar of your own site.

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