Monday, March 28, 2011

Butter, Bean Bags and Babies

Tonight I had a couple good laughs courtesy of my two and four year old. Here are their stories, the two year old first then the four year old.

Tonight Hazel said the prayer at dinner time. Here was the beginning of her prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful for....(she opens her eyes and noticed the open tub of butter next to her)...the butter". (She leans forward with her head in the butter tub and sniffs), "and it smells good." Yes, my girls all love butter. Hazel may even like it more than chocolate.

Later in the evening while I was working on a project Maren walked up to me and announced, "Dad, I know how to take care of babies, they are not like bean bags or chairs." I didn't know how to respond other than to affirm that she was correct. She then turned and walked off.

Lessons Learned: Keep your eyes closed during the prayer or you might get distracted by the butter and don't treat your baby like a bean bag.


  1. I tell you what. Who needs a college degree. Just have a bunch of kids, ask them questions and you will learn all you ever really need.

  2. Great Family Home Evening activity:
    Smear butter on a beanbag and then try riding it down your stairs!

  3. Great idea! Though, I would have to do it when Heidi wasn't home. I am not sure how to get butter out of carpet.

  4. So, I read this to Maren and she said that Daddy sat on her baby and that is why you were given that advice.

  5. Nice, I actually don't recall sitting on one of her babies. I promise to be more careful. I guess I am the one that needs to learn that babies aren't bean bags our chairs.


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