Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

My Valentine is my wife Heidi,

I first met my wife about 11 years ago as I was unloading my car at an apartment complex just south of BYU. I was a sophmore and was moving in with some friends closer to campus. As I was carrying an arm full of boxes I walked past two very attractive young ladies. One of them was Heidi. I said, "hi." and they both said "hi". I thought to myself, this is going to be a good place.

Little did I know she was actually dating someone else at the time. That was alright because It took me a few months to get up enough courage to ask her out. Luckily she had broken up with the other guy by then and so she said yes. We dated for almost a year before we were married in the Los Angeles Temple.

We tried have children right away but after several months we learned from our Doctor that we probably wouldn't be able to have children. Though it was difficult to think we weren't going to have our own children we did get to spend the first four years of marriage with just each other. During that time we graduated from school, got jobs, went on several trips including a couple bike tours through Europe and along the west coast.

We bought our first home and were settling in when I was called to serve in our local Bishopric as a counselor. It was at this time that our Stake President while giving Heidi a blessing promised her she would have her "own" children. As he said this I thought, "oh great President doesn't know we can't have kids, this is going to get Heidi's hopes up." Oh me of little faith, Heidi did end up getting pregnant very soon after that blessing. Maren was followed within two years by Hazel. We are a little over two years now and still hoping for more.

Our marriage has been wonderful. It helps when you marry a Swiss Goddess (She is half Swiss) who is patient and very intelligent. I am glad she is my valentine. I am also glad that my two little girls are my valentines as well. It's nice being a dad of girls. I get all the hugs kisses and smiles I want.

I love you Heidi!

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