Saturday, February 5, 2011

Travel and What I do

I just returned from another work trip. It was a five day, five city trip. Starting in Columbus/Dayton, then on to Cleveland/Akron, then Cincinnati, then Lexington and finally Louisville. We had 19 meetings with several companies and families interested in helping the LDS Church with a variety of projects.

I have to show you a few pics from the "Mega Storm" we were dodging the whole trip. The freezing rain was pretty cool. It was everywhere and stuck to everything.

Travel is both the worst and best part of my job. It is the worst because it takes me away from my family more then I would like. It is the best because I get to meet some amazing people who are doing wonderful things to bless others around the world through their philanthropic behavior.

I work for LDS Philanthropies a department within the Office of the Presiding Bishopric charged with corirdnating and facilitating voluntary contributions to the Church and it's institutions beyond tithing and fast offerings. My specific role at LDS Philanthropies is both the manager of corporate matching and the accidental social media thought leader. When I travel I meet with LDS members at corporations around the country. In the past five years I have been to most every state in the country and have been privileged to meet at the headquarters of the following companies: WalMart, ExxonMobil, Chevron, General Electric, ConocoPhillips, Bank of America, Wacovia, Washington Mutual, British Petroleum, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Boeing, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, Walt Disney, NBC, AT&T, Cisco, Intel, Sprint, American Express, Google, 3M, Eli Lilly, Nike, General Mills, Amgen, Union Pacific, Sun Micro-systems, Fidelity, Micron, CNN, Proctor & Gamble, and Lexmark.

Here is my LinkedIn Account: It has all the info you could ever want about what I do.
In between these meetings I also meet with individual families to discuss their philanthropic desires. I absolutely love the work I am engaged in. Being away from my family is hard but the sacrifice we are making we believe is one way we can be of service to others.

Here are a few more photos of Keenland, in Lexington KY. This the rack at which Secretariat was filmed.

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