Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Post: Why I Created This Blog

Why This Blog:
I decided to create this blog the other night. I do most of my speaking outloud on Facebook. For the most part the few lines of text they give me is more than ample for what I have to share. However, there have been occasions where I wanted to say a bit more. Thus, this blog was born. Here you will find my musings on topics like my family, work, cycling, my faith, and my life's adventures.

What I Will Write About:
I am writing to no one in particular. I see it as my public journal. I really don't mind if complete strangers read it. (as long as you are not a cyber-stalker of some kind). I really don't mind if no one reads it. I have no schedule I am trying to keep. Maybe I will write a couple times a day. Maybe I will write a couple times a year. I will write when I feel like it about the topics that matter to me. 

Why The Name:
Cyclists typically have a preferred cadence at which they feel most comfortable and a cadence at which they have the greatest speed. Cadence is the number of revolutions of the crank per minute; roughly speaking, this is the speed at which a cyclist is pedalling/turning the pedals. This blog is about my life's cadence. Sometimes it is running at comfortable speed, sometimes it is hammer down race pace. This is a chronicle of my adventures through life trying to find the right cadence for the situation.

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  1. Hi there Barett,

    Found you via the LI group for LDS Social Media, of which we are both members.

    Sorry to put this in a blog comment, but I could not find a way to email you directly.

    I have a new non-profit called Sweep The Earth, which we hope to make into the number one resource anywhere on LDS missionary work, and a colossal force for good in the world. I will cut right to the chase - we just got started, everything is bootstrapped at the moment, and we are in desperate need of funding to cover our startup costs and build our team and our presence properly.

    So two questions - 1, can you donate anything to us? If so, go here: http://sweeptheearth.org/give/. And 2, do you know of anyone I cold talk to to help get this org off the ground?

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Easton Ellsworth
    CEO, Sweep The Earth

    P.S. My buddy Chris White has an interesting cycling blog here: http://utahstateroadbiker.blogspot.com/


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